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xfgf ASEAN MPs back Pakistan on Kashmir issue

Bqms Proceed with caution Shah warns LHC judges against negative remarks
ISLAMABAD:Hearing the Memogate case on Monday, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said former envoy to the United States Husain Haqqani should b yeezys 350 e brought to court even if it requires the use of force, Express News reported.A Supreme Court larger bench, headed by the chief justice, heard the case today.Former Pakistan ambassador to US was implicated in the scandal stanley cup  where he allegedly had a memo delivered to Admiral Mike Mullen through Mansoor Ijaz. The memo had offered greater government cooperation in return for US backing against the powerful military in the immediate aftermath of the May 2 raid.During the hearing, Haqqani s counsel Asma Jehangir submitted a letter written to the interior ministry with regards to her client s security.She informed the court that Haqqani cannot appear before the court due to security concerns.Jehangir further said the former ambassador to the US has been receiving threats via social media and as airmax ked the concerned authorities to investigate the matt LAHORE:The engineers from Pakistan Railway nb 550 s, in collaboration with U converse chucks niversity of En nb gineering and Technology (UET) engineers, have successfully developed a state-of-the-art digital railway driving system.

onuv Sri Lanka asks China to restructure debt repayments

Bqic 342 kilos of lion bones seized at Johannesburg airport
  KARACHI:Another polio case was confirmed in Sindh on Saturday, taking the province's tally for last year to 25 new cases. Meanwhile, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah expressed his pain over the emergence of the new cases in the province.According to the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) in Sindh, a 34-month-old boy from Mirpur Sakro in Thatta district has tested positive for the crippling disease. The boy, who has weakness in his left arm and leg, had received seven doses of the oral polio vaccine, claimed his parent nike air max270 s, as well as routine doses and the inactivated polio vaccine.An immu samba adv shoes nity gapAn EOC Sindh spokesperson said that the long gap in door-to-door vaccination campaigns in 2019 had left a large pool of children vulnerable to the virus. However, he added, there was still an opportunity to turn the situation around with regular immun af1 shadow isation drives. Areas with recent detections are being targeted [for immunisation] in a special response round starting from January 13,  he said, a Rozg US keen to include Pakistan in $3b regional fund
  jordan 1 high US social media giant Facebook on Thursday said it has filed a lawsuit in US Federal court, against a company and three people in New Zealand, alleging the sale of fake engagement services on its Inst nike 97 agram photo-sharing p samba sneakers latform.Facebook paid teens to track smartphone useFacebook, in a blog post, said the company and individuals - whom it did not name - used various other companies and websites to sell the services. It said it issued warnings and suspended associated accounts but that they persisted in their activities.